How to Install Power Assisted Steering to VW Kombi Van

Many passionate VW Kombi Campervan fans love the rugged feel of manual steering. But at low speeds, these classic cars with manual steering can be a handful.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) offers many benefits:

  • Better efficiency means saving money at the pumps
  • No worries about fluid leaks, broken steering pumps, bloated hoses, and cracked drive belts
  • Hydraulic systems are likely to fail, so EPS saves on repair costs

If you plan to keep your classic Kombi Camper for a while and want to drive it regularly, an EPS system is worth the money.

It gives your VW Campervan:

  • Improved steering performance
  • Increased engine efficiency
  • Less expensive future repairs

Need Electric Power Steering Installed on

Your VW Kombi Camper ? 

Converting to electric power-assist steering may seem like just too many parts and labour for you to be bothered with.

Also, if you may not be mechanically minded and/or simply don’t have the time.

 Lite Steer Australia can install your power assisted steering at our workshop in Blackburn North Victoria. See directions below.

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