Lite Steer Power Assisted Steering is for VW Campervans Only
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Retro Fit Power Assisted Steering for VW Kombi Camper Vans

There’s no doubt the pleasure of piloting your VW Camper is drastically reduced by the clunky, heavy, and cumbersome steering.

When going from a modern car to your classic beauty, unfortunately often one of the first things you notice as you pull out of your drive is heavy steering.

But don’t let this ruin your enjoyment of driving a classic VW Campervan Kombi.

This is where a helping hand in the form of power assistance steering is a revelation.

With Lite Steer, your steering is lighter, amazingly so.

Lite Steer is simple enough for most DIY enthusiasts to retro fit their own power assisted steering system. 


Revitalize your classic vehicle with modern-day convenience.

Do you own a classic VW Kombi Camper with standard steering?

The older VWs - bay windows - can really flex your muscles.

This is particuarly noticed while driving around town – or trying to park – it can easily make an outing more of a chore than a thing to cherish.

Lite-Steer systems have been developed over many years to improve the driving experience whilst retaining the integrity of a classic vehicle.

Video - Power Assisted Steering


Power steering conversion for VW campervans and classic cars.

Retro fitting Power Assisted Steering for your VW Campervans, gives your vehicle:

* Improved steering performance

* Increased engine efficiency

* Less expensive future repairs

The unit is supplied fully assembled, you just bolt the unit in and follow the wiring instructions.

Lite-Steer is a retro-fit, electronic, speed-sensitive, power-assisted steering system; engineered and made in the UK.

Lite-Steer is simple enough to fit for most enthusiasts with some basic mechanical knowledge.

No welding or floor work is required.

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Is it easy to install Lite Steer PAS?

A little bit of mechanical skills is useful. For an experienced DIY, installing Lite Steer takes about 4 hours.

If you are less expereinced, aloow 6-8 hours.

No welding or floor work is required.

Full wiring loom and hardware is supplied.

Lite Steer Kit is supplied fully assembled, you just bolt the unit in and follow the wiring instructions.


  1. Full fitting instructions and wiring diagrams are included with every unit.

  2. You also receive a full video library showing visually how to install.

  3. " Phone A Friend" - Of course, phone Paul directly any time to discuss: Mobile: 0429 495 044

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Can I get Lite Steer Installed instead of DIY ?

Of course !

We have a list recommended installers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & NZ.

Give me a call for recommendations of a Lite Steer Installer near you.

Paul's Mobile PH: 0429 495 044

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Is Lite Steer speed senstive?

Yes it is. Each system comes with a speed sensor.

The driver receives amazing assistance from Lite Steer PAS

at low speed, up to 60kmh.

And continued less assistance after 60kph.

Especially helpful for parking, reversing, U Turns, navigating corners, quick manouvers and backing a trailor.

Speed sensitivity is achieved by either using the original speed pulse from the speedo (if an electronic speedo is fitted) or by fitting a Transducer to the speedo cable, this can be fitted on the speedo head or within the length of the cable.

This will generate a speed pulse and there is a choice of signals per revolution.

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How do I buy a Lite Steeer Kit ?

Fill out one of our order forms.

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Split Screen VW Kit

Modification Required. Lower end of steering

column requires keyway cut into.

Ph Paul for further information: 0429 495 044


Early Bay VW Kombi Camper Van

1968 - 1973 HINT: Low front indicators near bumper.


Late Bay VW PAS Kit

1974 -1979 HINT: High Front Indicators near air grill.


T 2.5 & 3.0 Transporter PAS Kit


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